The first year with Culinary Craft Tours

Birthday Time!

I founded Culinary Craft Tours a year ago with the aim of bringing the culinary product range of Tyrol to the stage and providing brewers, distillers, dairymen and all other producers with a suitable setting for tasting their products.

Since I worked as an event manager myself and the immense mountains of garbage after festivals always bothered me a lot, I got more involved with the topic of green events and immediately wrote down some concepts.
One day the flash of inspiration came, in the form of a name: "Beer is looking for cups".
I was so taken with this name/slogan that I built a business idea around it.
I wanted to bring regional beers together with people from the region.

We all know the problem that you often don't really know much about your own homeland, and that there is a new brewery with award-winning beer, a world champion cheese or a new gin distillery in the next village, you certainly don't know.
So I wrote my concept, submitted it to a business ideas competition and from then on it went on and on, from workshop to workshop, until I finally made the decision at the beginning of 2022 to start my own business with guided tours around the topic of regional products.

My first tour theme:
"The Beer History of Tyrol", a tour on which I present the beery product range of Tyrol and give an all-encompassing overview of beer in general.
At this point I would like to thank all the operators of the bars who were immediately on board – your enthusiasm and the fact that you gave me a chance helped me a lot, especially at the beginning.

The homepage was also quickly put together.
This is mainly thanks to Cynthia Cocard, who has helped me with many a digital nervous breakdown.
If you ever need a competent online marketing agency to help you with the creation of the homepage, she is your wife for it!

It took a bit longer to come up with a name: I knew I wanted a name that would work internationally, so an English version was clear from the start.
And then I didn't just want to focus on drinks, I also wanted to have the opportunity to incorporate dishes.
Through a lot of trial and error and brainstorming and looking for .com addresses, I came across the name Culinary Craft Tours. And I was able to make friends with it immediately.
Luckily, I have my in-house graphic designer in my partner, who also provided the visuals.

The branding was then completed by the photographer Andreas Baumann, who accompanied me on the tours and contributed very appealing and high-quality photos for the homepage.
From June onwards, I was on the road almost weekly with my first tour and noticed that I had a lot of fun and was fascinated by the topic of beer.
That's why I decided to train as a beer sommelier at the Kiesbye Academy at the beginning of October 2022.

In November 2022, the next two tour formats followed: "Brauerei Tour Innsbruck" and "Signature Cocktails Innsbruck".
In the first half of 2023, two more tour topics as well as various workshops, tastings and the first hike have been added.

My clients and participants of the various tours and workshops make each experience unique.
These are incredibly interesting people who have a lot to tell themselves.
And sometimes there are people among them who work in the food and beverage sector themselves, and then of course the experiences are particularly exciting. From the head of marketing of a certain brewery to the sales staff of a large spirits brand and food technologists, all expertise has already been represented.
The countries of origin of the participants also indicate Innsbruck's internationality.
From Australia to the USA, from Kuwait to Great Britain and, last but not least, Switzerland, Germany and Austria, all of these countries are making the Culinary Craft Community bigger with every experience.

So what does my second year with Culinary Craft Tours look like?
In any case, new experiences are constantly being created and made available to you.
Together with my hiking guide Tobias Muster, new culinary hikes are constantly being created so that you can get to know even the most remote regions of Tyrol.


In addition to the tours, which are mainly focused on regional drinks, there are now also experiences that deal with the special features of Tyrolean cuisine. Look forward to Tyrolean cheese workshops and Tyrolean tapas tours!


I am looking forward to the next year together with you – always looking for your individual Joy of Taste!