Refund policy

Right of withdrawal/distance selling and foreign transactions law 

Within the meaning of the FAGG (Distance Selling and Foreign Transactions Act) or the cancellation policy, the customer who is a consumer is entitled to a 14-day right of withdrawal, which begins with the start of the service. The revocation does not require any justification. The customer is entitled to a further right of withdrawal, whereby this can be exercised at any time. With this right of withdrawal, which is not subject to the FAGG, the customer has the option of choosing between two options for reimbursement: 

- Transfer of the payment already made to a voucher for any services offered by Culinary Craft Tours 

- Refund of the contribution to the respective customer account minus 15% cancellation fee 

In knowledge of the existing right of withdrawal under the Distance Selling and Foreign Transactions Act and after reading the cancellation policy, the consumer declares that he/she expressly requests "Culinary Craft Tours" to start the service prematurely, i.e. before the expiry of the 14-day withdrawal period, whereby he/she is aware that the right of withdrawal will then expire.