Quickly explained: The most important terms related to beer

Bier zapfen

When dealing with beer, we repeatedly encounter terms that leave many a question mark hanging over our heads. Im Following we have the most important _]Keywords recorded and[_0127_5_ 2_] briefly explained:


The German Purity Law
1516 es , that Beer only [_0127_] 5_1_]from den 4 [_ 0127_5_1_]Basic Ingredients Water, Barley malt, Hops and Yeast[_ 0127_5_2_] brewed .


Original gravity
Here acts es [_0127_5_] 0_]itself so to speak um [_ 0127_5_0_]the soul des beer. Water and crushed [_0127_] 5_0_]Barley malt boiled [_0127_5_ 1_]and es arises the mash, the [_0127_5_ 0_]den Taste and the Color our Beers[_0127_ 5_1_] . Je to Beer type [_0127_5] _0_]kommen different Malts [_ 0127_5_0_]for use. will in Degree Plato measured ( °P).

Hops [_0127_5_][_0127_5_][_0127_5_] _0_]we between Aroma hops [_ 0127_5_0_]and Bitter hops. By den Hops [_0127] _5_0_]will the Beerstable[_0127_5_ 1_] and exciting flavors. Es exclusively Hop cones[_0127_1_][_0127_1_][_7_5_2_] the female Hop plant[_0127_5_ 1_] for Beer brewing . The Bitter will [_0127_5_5] _0_]in IBU (International [_ 0127_5_0_]Bitter Units) .

Top-fermented beer
The term "top-fermented" yeast strain, the the Beer [_0127_5_] [_0127_5_] 1_]in den finalen [_ 0127_5_1_]Steps des Beer brewing process . Top-fermenting Yeasts worries [_0127_] 5_0_]for fruity flavors [_ 0127_5_0_]and find _]in den Beer styles [_ 0127_5_1_]des Wheat beer, des Altbiers, des Kölsch[_ 0127_5_2_] and the ales again.


Bottom-fermented beer
The Term "bottom-fermented" [_0127_] 5_0_]denoted a other [_ 0127_5_0_]yeast strain, the for bright, splashy and [_ 0127_5_1_]slim Beers like a Pils, Stock or Marches [_0127_5] _0_] and for [_ 0127_5_0_]Working cooler Temperatures .