The MADE IN GSA competition is coming to Innsbruck!

First of all, the most important question:
What is the MADE IN GSA Competition?
 MADE IN GSA is a cocktail competition in German-speaking countries, which is taking place for the 11th time this year. times will take place.
Both experienced bartenders and newcomers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland come together to create exciting new drinks with high-quality local products.

The highlight: the beverage partners provide their products and, in addition to a main competition, also provide several special categories.
They can challenge the talent of the participants in disciplines such as "Vodka & Grain", "Fruit Brandy", "Herbs, Caraway & Aquavit" as well as "Gin, Juniper and Double Juniper".

The most important demands of the competition on the creations of the bartenders:
Excellence, regionality and a contemporary drink concept and reproducibility – the drinks should be simple but complex and suitable for any usual bar.

However, the use of homemade ingredients is not allowed. The focus is on the actual products and drinks – and not on the person who put the most effort into a cocktail.

For this year's competition, participants had until mid-April 2023 to submit their recipes.
After that, in a month-long selection process, the best drinks were approved for the next round.
The final of the Made in GSA Competition 2023 will take place on 5. June 2023 in Stage 12 Hotel Penz in Innsbruck.

The ten finalists for the final in Tyrol have also been announced.
Their skills will be judged by an expert jury consisting of Marie Rausch (Rotkehlchen, Münster), Thomas Huhn (Les Trois Rois, Basel) and Damir Bušić (Liquid Diary, Innsbruck).
The Tyrolean local hero Bušić is considered a bartender with clear ideas who is experienced in competition. He summarizes his judging criteria in four points:

Point 1: Posture and appearance of the bartender
Point 2: Storytelling & performance around the drink
Point 3: The drink and its potential to become a top seller
Point 4: The fun


What distinguishes the competition is the anonymous selection process of the finalists - reputation and origin of the candidates do not matter.
The focus of attention is on the drink and its story. This gives younger, up-and-coming bartenders, even from smaller towns, a forum where they can demonstrate their talent and compete with the greats of their guild.

This year's finalists + their creations:

Henrik Galla (Bremen, D) – Good luck
Jared Jahnel (Erlangen, D) – Studer & Luise
Pia Köfler (Lucerne, CH) – Apfelschuss
Robin Lühert (Göttingen, D) – Immerfort
Luigi di Meglio (Cologne, D) – The Sage of the Forest
Leon Rass (Leutasch, A) – Agent Provocateur
Tilman Ritz (Würzburg, D) – Freiraum
Fabian Roßberger (Miesbach, D) – Nectar
Jan Sporleder (Kassel, D) – Walpuz
Vera Steiner (Ellmau, A) – Raetia's Echo

Since Leon Rass and Vera Steiner from Tyrol are among the 10 finalists, the main prize could even go to the Alpine republic.
The course of the competition can always be tracked via their own channels.
For natives of Innsbruck, it is recommended to stop by for a drink after the competition in the bar of the juror Bušić Liquid Diary or in the in-house Stage Bar .