Bar Portrait: The STAGE BAR in Innsbruck

Stage Bar Innsbruck Stage 12 Hotel Penz

For fans of small, hidden bars with aesthetic standards and a luxurious hideaway feeling also for during the day, the STAGE BAR in Innsbruck the clearly right address.
The almost exclusively female bar team spoils you with cocktails, homemade syrups, ginger beer and refreshing shrubs according to the motto "Homemade and with a lot of love".

Stage Bar Bartender Cocktails

The creativity of the bar staff is evident not least in the semi-annual changing signature cocktail menu, which is launched under a specific overarching theme. Guests are currently being presented with a cocktail collection inspired by "The Story of Humankind".
Friends of cultivated day drinking have also been thought of - so you will also find your own creations here, which allow you to have a work session in the office after a short afternoon trip to the bar.
Since mid-May, the green outdoor area with incredibly comfortable seating furniture has also been reopened, which makes you forget that the bustling Maria Theresien-Straße is only about 50 meters away.
The origin of the bar's name refers to a former theatre that used to be on its site.
A completely different kind of spectacle will take place at the beginning of June 2023 in the adjacent Hotel Stage 12 Penz Instead of:
the MADE IN GSA – Competition, a mixology competition, will be held in Innsbruck for the first time.

Vera Steiner Made in GSA competition Stage Bar Innsbruck

Ten finalists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland will come together to mix and present their signature creations under the expert eyes of the jury.
Among others, Vera Steiner from STAGE BAR will be there, and of course we are keeping our fingers crossed for her at this point.


For this blog article, we asked the bar manager of STAGE BAR, Claudia Tschallener, 6 questions about her exciting job.

Claudia Tschallener Stage Bar Innsbruck

How did you find your way to becoming a bar manager?
I have been in the catering industry for over 10 years now and have gained a lot of experience in a wide variety of areas, which is indispensable for me as a bar manager. This is the only way I can set a good example and demand the same from my employees. I started at the bottom and worked my way up to my position, with a lot of diligence and ambition.

What are your best moments in everyday bar life?
The varied work and the diversity are the best things about this profession. Every guest is different, this is where social skills are trained. And when it comes to cocktails, there are no limits to creativity.

The bar team at Stage 12 Bar is 95% female, which is unique in Austria – why is the mixology scene so male-dominated?
 I am afraid that certain aspects of our job, e.g. night work, occasional drunken guests and physical exertion, deter many young ladies. In this profession you need or woman has a thick skin and assertiveness.

Barteam Stage Bar Innsbruck

Can you name certain differences to the team spirit in a male bar team?
From my many years of experience, there are many advantages to working in a women's team. The spirit is uncomplicated, the support is immoderate and women stick together more strongly. On the one hand, there are also fewer communication problems among each other.

From your point of view, what does the holding of the final of the MADE IN GSA - Competition in Innsbruck mean for the cocktail scene in Tyrol?
In the meantime, the west of Austria, especially Innsbruck, is well represented in the bar scene. To have such a big competition in our capital is an honor and shows how much we have developed in the cocktail world.

What plans do you have for the Stage Bar or Stage Bar? What can the people of Innsbruck look forward to in the future?

Our guests can look forward to innovations in line with our recipe for success: innovative and creative drinks, dedicated service, generally good mood and pleasant atmosphere.